Tube OD Straight Supply Valve

Plumbeeze Plastic Quick Connect Fittings are designed for use in POU installations, water dispensing, filtering systems, food/beverage service, agricultural/irrigation. These fittings provide a quick and convenient assembly solution saving time and expense. They do not require crimp tools, adhesives or clamps and can be removed and reused without damaging the pipe. Tube supports are sold separately and are recommended for use with soft tubing and hot liquids. They have excellent resistance to most organic compounds, industrial chemicals and gases. Plastic quick connect fittings can be used on PVC, Polyethylene, PEX, and Copper tubing.
Gripper ring: Stainless steel
O-Ring: NBR

Available In
  • PEQC-SVS04  1/4"
  • PEQC-SVS06  3/8"

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