Galvanized Bronze No Lead

Plumbeeze Premium Yard Hydrants feature a cast iron head with a bucket hook and come with a removable 3/4″ GHT brass garden connector. They have a large handle that can be firmly held in any position to regulate flow using a thumb bolt. A locking eye allows the yard hydrant to be pad-locked in the closed position.
1″ stand pipe.
3/8″ steel connecting rod & coupling.

Available In
  • PENL-YH07-01  1.0000
  • PENL-YH07-02  2.0000
  • PENL-YH07-03  3.0000
  • PENL-YH07-04  4.0000
  • PENL-YH07-05  5.0000
  • PENL-YH07-06  6.0000
  • PENL-YH07-07  7.0000
  • PENL-YH07-08  8.0000
  • PENL-YH07-10  10.0000

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